My Favorite Music From The YouTube Audio Library

Music is an important element in the videos that I create and a crucial part of the storytelling. It helps set the mood, tone, tempo and atmosphere. It keeps the story on pace and moving, helps with transitions and keeps the content entertaining and interesting. Music also helps establish an emotional connection with viewers.

While there are many resources for music available to creators, if you create content on YouTube, the YouTube Audio Library is a good resource and starting point. The YouTube Audio Library is a convenient way to access royalty-free music (with and without required attribution) for videos published on YouTube. Though I primarily use music from the YouTube Audio Library that does not require attribution, I do include the name of the track, artist and indicate that the music comes from the YouTube Audio Library in the description below each video.

Before editing a video, I’ll typically go through the process of selecting appropriate music for the video. The process can be quick or lengthy depending on whether I can find the right music that I’m looking for. Sometimes, the beginning of a track may not be what I’m looking for so I’ll scrub through the track to determine if any part of the track might work for the video. When appropriate, I’ll use the entire track (and usually, several tracks are required for most videos) but on occasion, I may just want or need to use a portion of a track for a particular part of the video.

I’ve found and used a lot of great music from the YouTube Audio Library for my videos. Here are ten of my favorites so far . . .

Vibe Tracks – “Over Time”

Vibe Tracks – “Take You Home Tonight”

Vibe Tracks – “Deep Hat”

Vibe Tracks – “Faith”

Vibe Tracks – “Universal”

Vibe Tracks – “Undeniable”

Text Me Records / Leviathe – “Yummu”

Vibe Tracks – “TFB9”

Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Productions – “Follow Me”

Gunnar Olsen – “First To Last”

Check out these videos to watch and listen to how these tracks accompany the storytelling:


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YouTube Audio Library (requires YouTube sign-in) -

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What happens when a recording artist gets dropped by her record label?

Find out in the brand-new web series, mockumentary and LABELED spin-off, ANYA MARINA: INDIE-PENDENT WOMAN. The web series stars singer/songwriter Anya Marina and comedian Nigel Fullerton. You’ll also see some familiar faces/characters from the LABELED web series as well as other notable guest appearances.  

The series premiere episode of ANYA MARINA: INDIE-PENDENT WOMAN is now available and streaming exclusively on The Warner Sound’s YouTube Channel. You can watch the series premiere episode here. New episodes of the web series will drop every Monday.

Be sure to check out Anya’s latest singles, “Over You” and “Dynamite,” off her forthcoming EP, Over You, now available for pre-order wherever music is sold.

ANYA MARINA: INDIE-PENDENT WOMAN comes from the creative and producing team of Bethany Watson (actor/producer/voice-over artist, co-host of An Acquired Taste Podcast) and Jon Sosis (writer/producer/director/Say It Ain’t Sosis Productions), the same team that created and produced the hilariously funny comedy web series LABELED. If you haven’t watched LABELED, check out the entire first season streaming exclusively on The Warner Sound’s YouTube Channel. Watch LABELED Season One here and stay tuned for LABELED Season 2, currently in production.


The Warner Sound’s YouTube Channel


LABELED Playlist on YouTube

Anya Marina Music & Merch Store on Bandcamp

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Christmas Albums To Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

The holidays are here and how better to get into the holiday spirit than with Christmas music!

Whether you’re decorating your home, putting up the tree, wrapping gifts, sharing memories and stories, spending quality time with family and friends or just taking in all the wonders this holiday season has to offer, Christmas music is the perfect companion! There’s just something about Christmas music that gets you into the joyous, festive mood and truly makes this the most wonderful time of the year!

I’ve put together some of the Christmas albums that I enjoy this time of year. Check them out below and maybe consider adding them to your Christmas collection.

Happy Holidays!

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Click on an album cover below for an album track list and further details.