Hi, I'm David and welcome to my website!

I’m an experienced executive, manager and consultant with expertise in business management, operations, administration, finance and technology. I’m also a content creator and producer.

I've spent almost twenty years in advertising, managing and overseeing back office agency operations. I've worn many hats and served in various management and leadership roles including Vice President of Operations, Head of Accounting & Finance, Director of Management Information Systems, Director of MIS & Interactive Services and have been a trusted advisor to business owners, CEOs, Principals and Partners.

I was an Executive Producer on the first season of LABELED, a comedy web series co-created and co-produced by Bethany Watson (actor/producer/voice-over artist, co-host of An Acquired Taste Podcast) and Jon Sosis (writer/producer/director/Say It Ain’t Sosis Productions). The series follows a group of low-level employees at a major NYC record label dealing with the high-level, major problems at their label and in their industry.

I was also an Executive Producer for Eastern Bridge Theatre Troupe’s Foreign Voices Are Us, a series of live performances/events presented in various formats, co-produced & directed by Anna Rak (actor/producer/director/co-founder & artistic director Eastern Bridge Theatre Troupe). The performances/events included: “Let’s Build A Bridge, Not A Wall,” a performance adapted and inspired by the works of playwright & author Charles Mee, “Unheard Female Voices,” a poetry reading and “Be Celebrated, Not Tolerated,” a staged reading of short plays & stories with live music performances.

I’m currently an Executive Producer for the short film The Power of Termination which is based on the play “Breaking Up” written by Adam DeAngelo. The film follows a married couple, Erica & Dean, who while attending what they think is their last therapy session, learn and must deal with the complexities of the termination phase. The film’s production team includes Adam DeAngelo (writer), Anna Rak (director/producer) and Dustin Pearlman (cinematographer/producer). The Power of Termination is currently in post-production so stay tuned for a future release date.

There’s more to come so please stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!