An Update On The Short Film - The Power of Termination

I’m excited to share a few updates about The Power of Termination!

First, a quick recap: The Power of Termination is a 15-minute narrative short film set in Los Angeles. Erica and Dean, a married couple, attends what they think is their last spiritual therapy session, when they are surprised to find out about the “termination phase.” The film uncovers the patterns and motives of human behavior when in a dangerous or rather conflicting situation. The Power of Termination uses comedy to comment on interpersonal attraction, misuse of power, and conformity.

The film stars Brooke Nevin as Erica, Huse Madhavji as Dean and Sally Ann Brooks as Barbara. The film is written by Adam DeAngelo, directed by Anna Rak with cinematography by Dustin Pearlman.

Principal photography for The Power of Termination took place in December 2018 in Los Angeles. Over the past seven months, the team has done extraordinary work to put together all the pieces and create a wonderful piece of work and an incredible short film that the entire team can be extremely proud of. We have an amazing cast and crew, each of whom has been instrumental in helping to bring The Power of Termination to life.


We have an official poster for the film with artwork created by Mateusz Borecki.

You can also find more information about the film on IMDB, learn more about the cast & crew, see behind-the-scenes content and get updates about the film on the Three Mile Films website, and follow @thepoweroftermination on Instagram for the very latest.

I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to be the Executive Producer for this film. It has been an incredible experience watching this film come together and to be a part of this project. I can’t wait for you to see this film!

I hope to share more on this film soon so please stay tuned!



Adam DeAngelo, Anna Rak & Dustin Pearlman join forces to produce “The Power of Termination,” A Short Film

Editing in Final Cut Pro X on a Mid-2013 MacBook Air

I never imagined I would be editing Final Cut Pro X videos on a Mid-2013 MacBook Air. At the time, I was upgrading from a Late-2009 MacBook and was primarily looking for a MacBook to take with me when I travel but also one that would offer a balance between portability, performance and price. I elected to go with the Mid-2013 MacBook Air with a 1.7GHz Intel Core i7 Processor, a 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM. Along with AppleCare and tax, the total cost came in under $2,000 which was within my budget and reasonable. It was well worth the investment given that I’ve gotten over five years from it and it still performs relatively well running on Apple’s latest operating system - macOS Mojave.

Over the past few years, I’ve been creating and producing more digital content including making videos and while I can certainly edit videos on the MacBook Air, it’s clear that my MacBook Air is under-powered and overtaxed for this purpose. Editing short videos isn’t too bad provided you’re taking a minimalistic approach in terms of transitions, effects, color grading, enhancements and so forth. The rendering times are somewhat bearable.

However, when you start editing longer videos, especially with high quality footage (ex: 1080p at 30 fps or better), it’s a different story. You’re dealing with large file sizes and the process of transcoding and rendering all the video footage that make up your final video takes an enormous amount of time. You need processing power (CPU), memory (RAM) and a good GPU to handle these tasks and unfortunately, a Mid-2013 MacBook Air with these specs just isn’t going to make the cut. I should also mention that the lack of a Retina Display makes quite a difference in the overall viewing experience.

While working on some recent videos, Final Cut crashed numerous times and the transcoding and rendering times for the videos were substantial. Fortunately, I’m not producing and releasing a large volume of videos right now because I would almost certainly be backlogged.

I have been looking into upgrading to the 15-inch MacBook Pro since the 2018 refresh but held off following last year’s issue with the throttling of the i9 processors (later resolved via a software update) and the ongoing issues with the butterfly keyboard. Apple recently announced updates to the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro lines with faster eighth and ninth-generation Intel processors; respectively, and improvements to the third-generation butterfly keyboard. The 15-inch MacBook Pro is also available with 8-core Intel Core i9 processors.

Investing in a new 15-inch MacBook Pro would certainly improve my workflow and the preliminary reviews on performance of the updated MacBook Pros are looking quite promising so it is something I am strongly considering. In the meantime, I’ll make do with my MacBook Air.



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Adam DeAngelo, Anna Rak and Dustin Pearlman join forces to produce “The Power of Termination,” A Short Film

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend The Barrow Group’s Directorial Showcase, an evening of short works directed by students in their One Year Directing Program. One of the works presented was written by Adam DeAngelo and based upon his play “Breaking Up.” The story was deep, moving, emotional, funny, humorous and entertaining all while delving into the world of relationships, behavior, conflict, manipulation and therapy.

A few weeks ago, I was extremely excited to read that my good friend, Anna Rak (actor/producer/director/co-founder & artistic director Eastern Bridge Theatre Troupe), who I got to know while I was an Executive Producer for Eastern Bridge Theatre Troupe’s Foreign Voices Are Us, was joining with Adam DeAngelo (writer) and Dustin Pearlman (cinematographer/producer) to produce a short film, “The Power of Termination,” based upon Adam’s play. Anna will be directing this short film.

About “The Power of Termination”

“The Power of Termination” is a 15-minute narrative short film set in Los Angeles. Erica and Dean, a married couple, attend what they think is their last therapy session when they are surprised to find out about the "termination phase." The movie uncovers the patterns and motives of human behavior when in a dangerous or rather conflicting situation. “The Power of Termination” uses comedy to comment on interpersonal attraction, misuse of power, and conformity. 

As this short film is being produced as an independent production, the film’s Producers have started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for this project to cover the production costs. Please check out “The Power of Termination” Indiegogo campaign site and if you can, please contribute to the campaign and help make this production possible. There are various contribution levels for which you can earn a perk or simply contribute towards the production to help support independent artists and independent productions. You can also share and spread the word.

I’ve been proud to support several independent productions over the past couple of years including this one, so I invite you to check it out, learn more and help support this production.

NJ Web Fest 2018 nominations are out . . . Seven nominations for LABELED!

The nominations for the inaugural NJ Web Fest 2018 have been announced and LABELED has received an incredible SEVEN nominations including: Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy (Palmyra Mattner), Best On-Screen Chemistry (Bethany Watson & Palmyra Mattner), Best Director in a Comedy (Jon Sosis), Best Writing in a Comedy (Jon Sosis), Best Ensemble Cast in a Comedy, Best Guest Star (Mikhail "Doctor Mike" Varshavski) and Outstanding Comedy Series.

LABELED is a hilariously funny, female-driven comedy web series co-created and co-produced by Bethany Watson (actor/producer/voice-over artist, one-third of An Acquired Taste Podcast) and Jon Sosis (writer/producer/director). The series follows a group of low-level employees at a major NYC record label dealing with the high-level, big world problems at their label and in their industry.

LABELED features an ensemble cast including Bethany Watson, Palmyra Mattner, Kristen Vaganos, Kelsea Baker, Jerica Young, Alison Klemp, Shawn Mathis Gooden, Lori Sommer, Bry Poole, Jason Taylor, Robert Lee Leng and many more. The series also features guest appearances and cameos by Anya Marina, Brian Ripps and Shelley Rome, just to name a few.

NJ Web Fest 2018 screenings will take place on Saturday, September 15th and Sunday, September 16, 2018 at Clairidge Theatre in Montclair, NJ with the Awards Gala taking place the evening of Sunday, September 16, 2018 at The Manor in West Orange, NJ. Additional information is available at NEWJERSEYWEBFEST.COM.

I'm so incredibly proud of the amazing cast and crew of LABELED and the incredible work they have put into this web series. A big THANK YOU to the amazing supporters and fans of the series. You can check out the entire first season of LABELED at LABELEDSERIES.COM

BTW: Bethany & Jon are working on a spin-off web series to LABELED called ANYA MARINA: INDIE-PENDENT WOMAN starring Anya Marina and Nigel Fullerton. The web series is currently in production. I can't wait to see what they have in store. Stay tuned!