My Favorite Music From The YouTube Audio Library

Music is an important element in the videos that I create and a crucial part of the storytelling. It helps set the mood, tone, tempo and atmosphere. It keeps the story on pace and moving, helps with transitions and keeps the content entertaining and interesting. Music also helps establish an emotional connection with viewers.

While there are many resources for music available to creators, if you create content on YouTube, the YouTube Audio Library is a good resource and starting point. The YouTube Audio Library is a convenient way to access royalty-free music (with and without required attribution) for videos published on YouTube. Though I primarily use music from the YouTube Audio Library that does not require attribution, I do include the name of the track, artist and indicate that the music comes from the YouTube Audio Library in the description below each video.

Before editing a video, I’ll typically go through the process of selecting appropriate music for the video. The process can be quick or lengthy depending on whether I can find the right music that I’m looking for. Sometimes, the beginning of a track may not be what I’m looking for so I’ll scrub through the track to determine if any part of the track might work for the video. When appropriate, I’ll use the entire track (and usually, several tracks are required for most videos) but on occasion, I may just want or need to use a portion of a track for a particular part of the video.

I’ve found and used a lot of great music from the YouTube Audio Library for my videos. Here are ten of my favorites so far . . .

Vibe Tracks – “Over Time”

Vibe Tracks – “Take You Home Tonight”

Vibe Tracks – “Deep Hat”

Vibe Tracks – “Faith”

Vibe Tracks – “Universal”

Vibe Tracks – “Undeniable”

Text Me Records / Leviathe – “Yummu”

Vibe Tracks – “TFB9”

Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Productions – “Follow Me”

Gunnar Olsen – “First To Last”

Check out these videos to watch and listen to how these tracks accompany the storytelling:


YouTube Audio Library (requires YouTube sign-in) -

In A World of Loops and Smart Instruments

A couple of years ago, I began exploring Apple’s GarageBand. First, let me be perfectly clear that I’m not a musician in any way, shape or form. I did learn to play the recorder in Elementary School like some school children (I did not play well!) and then I learned to play the violin for a couple of years and participated in a couple of school performances in Junior High School (I played okay). But that was pretty much the extent of my “music career.”

So, on one January night, I sat down with my iPad, launched GarageBand and started to play around and try to figure out how GarageBand worked and what I could do in the application. I did some research online into GarageBand and eventually got into smart instruments and learned how to use the auto-play control knob to access a preset series of chord progressions within each class of smart instrument. From there, I started to experiment and combined, mixed, matched and edited different smart instruments and chord progressions using auto-play to create some interesting sounds.

Once I got past the initial learning curve, I challenged myself to test my creativity and see if I could create a single track comprised of different smart instruments and chord progressions using auto-play that would sound good. After a bit of exploration, trial and error and lots of time, I came up with my very first track which I called “The Journey.” It took quite some time to figure out an appropriate name for this track, but I eventually got there.

“The Journey” was inspired by a recent road trip that I had taken. While the initial base track took several hours to create, it would take another week or so to refine it until I got it to a point where I was comfortable. I was constantly tweaking the track and found a new appreciation for what professionals in the music industry must go through to put together a track. After creating “The Journey,” I decided to further challenge myself by trying to create a collection of tracks all inspired by my recent road trip. I eventually created tracks including “Charting The Course,” “A Call To Action,” “Reflection in Time,” “Paradise,” “On The Road,” “Onwards” and even an extended version of “The Journey.”

Creating and refining the tracks was just the beginning. I eventually went from creating tracks in GarageBand for iOS to creating and editing those tracks in GarageBand for macOS and then moved over to Logic Pro X. Now to be transparent, the move to Logic Pro X was primarily because I ran into some issues in GarageBand that I was able to solve with Logic Pro X. I also expanded into the world of Apple royalty-free loops, using loops along with smart instruments to create some amazing tracks like “Countdown,” “Discovery” and “Evolution” that I’m proud of.  

What started off as an exploration of Apple’s GarageBand turned into quite an amazing project and learning experience. I certainly don’t expect to win any awards, nor do I think that I fall within the company of the great musicians, composers, artists, performers and music professionals who create music and do this for a living. However, if anything, this project does showcase our potential to learn and explore new things, to open our minds and let our creativity out, to step out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves beyond our limits.

I am incredibly proud to be able showcase the work from this project. You can listen to tracks from this project in the Music Gallery. I will be adding more tracks from this project soon so please check back for more!