Welcome Back, LABELED! Season 2 Premieres


After last year’s cliffhanger season finale to close out Season 1, the hilariously funny comedy web series, LABELED, is back with Season 2! The Season 2 premiere debuted on Christmas Day.

LABELED is a comedy web series from co-creators and co-producers, Bethany Watson (actor/producer/voice-over artist, co-host of An Acquired Taste Podcast) and Jon Sosis (writer/producer/director/Say It Ain’t Sosis Productions). The series follows a group of low-level employees at a major NYC record label dealing with the high-level, big world problems at their label and in their industry.

Season 2 sees the return of the team at East Pacific Records, including Jess (Bethany Watson), Ellie (Palmyra Mattner), Diane (Kelsea Baker), Paul (Bry Poole), Kirby (Jerica Young), Stu (Robert Lee Leng), George (Jason Taylor) and more, dealing with a major shakeup at the label, new chaos and more drama. The Season 2 opener doesn’t miss a beat, so you can expect a brand-new season of hilarious hijinks that will have you laughing every episode, all season long. The LABELED Season 2 premiere also features a sneak peek into the LABELED spin-off web series, ANYA MARINA: INDIE-PENDENT WOMAN, starring Anya Marina and Nigel Fullerton, due to drop in February 2019.

I had the opportunity to watch Anya perform live last month and see a screening of the first episode of her web series. Anya is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter/musician and she is hilariously funny so stay tuned for ANYA MARINA: INDIE-PENDENT WOMAN.

One final noteworthy mention is the new LABELED Store on Teespring. If you are a fan of the web series, head over to the new store to check out the LABELED merch, show your LABELED pride and help support future production of LABELED.

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