An Update On The Short Film - The Power of Termination

I’m excited to share a few updates about The Power of Termination!

First, a quick recap: The Power of Termination is a 15-minute narrative short film set in Los Angeles. Erica and Dean, a married couple, attends what they think is their last spiritual therapy session, when they are surprised to find out about the “termination phase.” The film uncovers the patterns and motives of human behavior when in a dangerous or rather conflicting situation. The Power of Termination uses comedy to comment on interpersonal attraction, misuse of power, and conformity.

The film stars Brooke Nevin as Erica, Huse Madhavji as Dean and Sally Ann Brooks as Barbara. The film is written by Adam DeAngelo, directed by Anna Rak with cinematography by Dustin Pearlman.

Principal photography for The Power of Termination took place in December 2018 in Los Angeles. Over the past seven months, the team has done extraordinary work to put together all the pieces and create a wonderful piece of work and an incredible short film that the entire team can be extremely proud of. We have an amazing cast and crew, each of whom has been instrumental in helping to bring The Power of Termination to life.


We have an official poster for the film with artwork created by Mateusz Borecki.

You can also find more information about the film on IMDB, learn more about the cast & crew, see behind-the-scenes content and get updates about the film on the Three Mile Films website, and follow @thepoweroftermination on Instagram for the very latest.

I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to be the Executive Producer for this film. It has been an incredible experience watching this film come together and to be a part of this project. I can’t wait for you to see this film!

I hope to share more on this film soon so please stay tuned!



Adam DeAngelo, Anna Rak & Dustin Pearlman join forces to produce “The Power of Termination,” A Short Film