I Upgraded to iOS 12 . . .

Apple released the latest version of iOS, iOS 12, last Monday, September 17th. As with previous iOS major releases, I did not upgrade on launch day for several reasons including potentially slow download speeds with many users hitting Apple’s download servers simultaneously for iOS 12 and the potential for bugs/compatibility issues, as we saw with the release of iOS 11 last year.

With iOS 12, Apple appears to have put this latest version of iOS through more rigorous beta testing and improved quality control. The reviews have pointed towards iOS 12 beta versions being stable and it is reflected in the final release. Since upgrading my iOS devices to iOS 12, my devices have been stable, running smoothly and I haven’t run into any major issues.

I have noticed a nice performance and speed boost with iOS 12. iOS 12 appears to run faster and smoother than iOS 11. On iPhone X, I like that iOS 12 has simplified the process for closing apps. In iOS 11, it required swiping midway up the screen to see all the open apps and then required that you press or hold down on the screen before swiping up to close the apps. In iOS 12, you no longer need to press or hold down on the screen first. Once you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to approximately the middle of the screen and see all the open apps, you can release your finger for a moment and then swipe up to close the respective apps. There is a small adjustment period coming off iOS 11, but you’ll get used to it quickly.

The new Measure app, which utilizes Augmented Reality, allows you to have a measuring tape readily available whenever you need one. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve had to search for a measuring tape on the fly; however, with the new Measure app, you can be confident that you’ll have a handy measuring tape available always.

I did experiment with Memojis and it’s okay. I couldn’t quite create a Memoji that I truly liked but I did give it a try. I think I’ll stick with the Animojis!

As for battery life, I haven’t experienced any issues with the battery draining faster on iOS 12 versus that of iOS 11, which is a plus. It seems like battery life is comparable to the latest version of iOS 11. Obviously, battery life does heavily depend on how you use your iOS device and the apps that you are running so my experience may vary from those experiences of others.

iOS 12 appears to be a good and “safe” upgrade. If you plan on upgrading your iOS device to iOS 12, be sure to backup your iOS device to your computer via iTunes or to the cloud via iCloud. Also, make sure to check Apple’s website to be certain your device is compatible with iOS 12. If you use any apps that are vital or mission-critical, be sure to check the App Store and/or with the App Developer to confirm compatibility with iOS 12.